We begin our process with brainstorming ideas and rough sketches. Once an idea has been presented, we then hand it off to our design manager, who will generate a 3D model of the pool!


The Digging Stage, Complete with Shaping and Forming

The next step in our process is digging. We dig out the size and shape of the future pool so that the foundation can be laid. Following the digging process, we begin to shape steps, ledges, and any other feature to be laid in shotcrete.


Steel, Plumbing, and Shotcrete

After shaping the pool's features, we begin to install the steel framework, such as rebar, and the plumbing as well. Once the steel framework and plumbing has been installed, we then begin the shotcrete process. This is done by spraying a wet-mix onto the framework, where the definition of the pool begins.


Laying Tile and Coping

After the shotcrete mixture has been applied, it needs some time to cure. Upon curing, we then begin to lay the tile around the pool.


All Hands On Deck!

We begin to form and pour the pool deck. The shotcrete has been laid and the tile work is finished. What now? Well, this is where we start working outside the pool, forming and pouring the deck.


Almost There!

The deck is down and you now have space around your pool to include chairs, umbrellas, even a fire pit for weekend entertainment! Now it's time to start laying down the pebbled plaster inside the pool on top of the shotcrete.


The Final Frontier

Your dream pool is now complete! It looks beautiful and you can now begin planning pool parties and get-togethers around your backyard oasis. Now all you have to do is fill up your pool and relax!